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At the launch party for Back in the Day on Friday 13th May, we had a fabulous Eighties Flash Mob gate crash Review Bookshop in Peckham and sing an Eighties classic. Thank you Kitsch in Sync for your amazing rendition of I Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode!


The winner of the Back in the Day photo competition is Tamsyn Warde from Winchester. I love this whole ensemble: double white coupled with the Shy Di pose. Classic Eighties!


Also, check out some of my other favourite entries – fab Eighties hair and clothes!


Back in the Day, is out now! Ex best friends, Daisy and Izzy, suddenly find themselves thrown back in time to 1985 when they accidentally discover a time portal in the PE cupboard! Hang on though, aren’t their mums at the same school too? And aren’t they also thirteen in 1985?! If you want to find out how they get on trapped in the Eighties, click on the cover and it will take you to the books section.